Project title: Supporting all seasons of parenting

Implementing body: Labos Foundation – Laboratory for social policies

Problem faced: The link between the opportunities or the regulatory constraints offered by the Italian system and the pursuit of various forms of parenting, in the period ranging from the choice of becoming a parent to the entry of the child into the family, presents inequalities. On the one hand, the study intends to detect and describe the resources of the formal network intended as support interventions, promotion and protection implemented by legislative points of view and economic from the “Italian system” in the procreation paths (from the physiological pregnancy to the risk or complicated one, to the medically assisted procreation, to the paths that conclude with the voluntary interruption of pregnancy) and in those of the adoption, both national and international .On the other hand, check and highlight the presence / subsists no or less of equal opportunities or the absence or otherwise of elements of discrimination for all those spouses who, despite different paths, are about to undertake and walk a path towards the reception of a child. In the first part, through a brief review, it is summarized and described the regulatory framework that oversees the support initiatives in the various forms of parenting, in order to represent the regulatory evolution

Objectives of the project: The LABOS sub-project is part of a project of research that pursues the general objective of verifying whether all parenting benefits from equal opportunities. The objective of the LABOS is to describe the promotion and support of parenting, from conception to birth, in the context of maternity c.d. biological and assisted

Results to be achieved: To achieve the cost of a single pregnancy (how much the State contributes, how much is the cost incurred by the parents) in relation to: – assisted pregnancy – risk assisted pregnancy – biological pregnancy – biological pregnancy to risk

Activities to be carried out: Phase 1: Documentary collection of the main regulations of the SSN.Phase 2: Cognitive survey on public resources in an SSR: commitments and type of detailed expenditure by chapters and sub-chapters in the Lazio Region. In this phase, the data attributable to the indications of the national health system will be taken into consideration, ignoring, at the moment, the spending commitments that can be limited to local autonomy since they are not comparable with other regional realities.

Contact person: Anna Calvaruso