Project title: The surveillance of chronic diseases, the prevention of complications and the management of patients with chronic pain in the organizational modalities of the Casa della Salute (Construction of an information system)

Client: Ministry of Health – National Center for Prevention and Disease Control

Implementing body: Labos – Foundation Laboratory for Social Policies

Associated bodies: Tuscany Region; National Institute of Health; Agenas; Angelo Celli Foundation; ASL N. 11 Empoli; ASL N. 5 Pisa; ASL N. 8 Arezzo; ASL N. 2 Perugia; CUP Single Booking Center; ASL of Parma; ASL 3 Foligno Umbria PG (New Operative Unit); ULSS 4 Alto Vicentino VE (New Operative Unit); ASL Taranto (New Operating Unit)

Recipients: For each of the ASLs involved: ICT Manager; Managing director; Health director; General manager; District Director; Head of Primary Care Department; Head of the Health House

Duration: 24 months (CURRENT PROJECT)

Problem addressed: The project provides a scientific contribution to deal appropriately and sustainably with chronic diseases such as heart failure, diabetes mellitus, medium-severe arterial hypertension, bronchopneumatology chronic obstructive who absorb a large amount of resources to the national health system. Today they are the main cause of death (60% of deaths in Italy) and turn out to be on the rise with the increase in the elderly population (over 1.2 million, equal to 20.3% of the population at the beginning of 2011 ) and the weakening of family care (increase in elderly people and reduced caregiver commitment). The dual need to respond adequately and qualitatively to the health care needs of these patients and to cope with the decrease in economic resources requires the search for suitable solutions in terms of healthcare organization. The goal is to maintain acceptable standards of assistance for all.

Objectives of the project: Examine the functioning of the Casa della Salute organizational structure in a sample of ASL and verify the effectiveness of the interventions with respect to the prevention of complications and recurrences of chronic diseases, starting from the evaluation of the information system (case records ) used and from the analysis of the methods of taking care of such patients on the territory. In this way, on these territories it will be possible to verify if, and to what extent, in the Districts where the Casa della Salute operates, oriented to an “initiative medicine”, the “management of patients with chronic pain” registers interventions and satisfactory outcomes

Phases of the research: 1) Establishment of a scientific committee and a technical-operational committee for the governance of the project, 2) Detection of the state of implementation and organizational models of the Health Houses, 3) Evaluation of promotion and prevention interventions of Health; 4) Activation of cognitive and informative tools and educational initiative for their implementation; 5) Evaluation of organizational tools for the management of chronic patients; 6) Verification of the results of the assistance-prevention service; 7) Evaluation of convenience of the Case della Salute model

Organized events: – FAD course “Perspective evolution of information and computer systems to support the the houses of health “: 15 April – 15 December 2015 (Click here for more information) – Final conference of the project: 24 April 2015, Istituto Superiore di Sanità, Viale Regina Elena, 299 – Rome

Contact person: Anna Calvaruso