PROJECT TITLE: SPORTS WITHOUT BARRIERS – Construction of guidelines for associations dealing with sports with the disabled
CLIENT: Ministry of Labor and Social Policies
CREATOR: Libertas National Sports Center
ASSOCIATED ENTITY: Labos – Laboratory Foundation for Social Policies
RECIPIENTS: Disabled people, families and Sports Associations in the territory of six regions (Piedmont, Emilia Romagna, Umbria, Molise, Lazio, Sicily)
DURATION: 12 months
PROBLEM ADDRESSED: Shortage of sports services for the disability; need to develop the skills of sports associations to deal with disabilities; need to explore the relationship between sport, disability and quality of life.

OBJECTIVES OF THE PROJECT: The aim was to define guidelines aimed at new associations that intend to promote sports activities for the disabled, thus promoting the sport itself. It was the disabled people themselves who were the protagonists of sports activities, together with their families and the technicians and operators who work with them, to outline useful operational guidelines for the associations that intend to deal with them. A survey was also carried out on the quality of life of people with disabilities who play sports and that of their caregivers, aimed at exploring the effects of sport on the lives of people with disabilities

PHASES OF THE RESEARCH: 1) Fact-finding survey on the relationship between sport, disability and quality of life 2) Creation of Work Tables at Sports Associations dealing with disabilities, with the participation of disabled people, families, operators, technicians 3) Shared construction of Guidelines addressed to sports associations that intend to deal with disabilities

EVENTS ORGANIZED: 10, 12, 15 July 2013 (Central Sports School, Acquacetosa, Rome)