Project title: Art and sport: inclusion tools for adult disability
Client: Lazio Region
Implementing body: ASL ROMA E (Structures involved: UOC TSRMEE E Disabled Adults – UOS Disabled Adults – La Mongolfiera Day Center)
Associated bodies: Libertas National Sports Center; Labos – Laboratory Foundation for Social Policies
Recipients: users of the adult disability services of ASL Roma E.
Duration: 18 months (PROJECT IN PROGRESS)
Problem addressed: the project intends to stimulate and deepen the interests of disabled people, through integrated sports and artistic activities, or activities that represent ordinary opportunities for relationships in everyday life and help them to overcome situations of passivity and isolation, acting as mediators and development engines of autonomy, self-care and relationships skills.

Objectives of the project: 1) Quantitatively increase the rehabilitation groups’ trips to the territory (visits to exhibitions and museums of the painting group, transfers of sports groups, trips to take photos and videos ..). 2) Expand access to sports activities (in particular gymnastics, for which there is a significant discrepancy between demand and offer) organized by the adult disability services of ASL Roma E. 3) Provide the spaces and activities with instruments suitable for the purposes (MultiMedial, Painting and Gymnastics laboratory). 4) Measure the impact of sports and artistic activities on the quality of life of disabled people who participate in them, through an information system for monitoring the progress of the activities and the effects on the autonomy, adaptation, relationship and overall functioning of the participants.

Phases of the research: 1) ACTIVITIES INTEGRATED BETWEEN SPORTS AND ARTISTIC LANGUAGES: sports meetings (swimming, triathlon, karate, football, gymnastics) and moments of artistic expression (photography, video, painting) involving the participation of about 80 users with intellectual and relational disabilities; 2) ASSESSMENT OF THE IMPACT OF THE ACTIVITIES: through a series of interviews, users will be met, their experience explored, their skills measured and compared with the incoming ones.

Person to contact: Anna Calvaruso