About Us

Its institutional aims are the research and the formation in the social and sanitary politics, with a particular atttention to the rejected areas and groups.

In particular the article number 2 of the Statute, singles out the social emargination as privileged sector.

It wants to strengthen the collaboration among public structures and the different expressions of the civil society, through the assistance to the innovation of the socio-sanitary services. So the disequilibrium that exists in the different territorial areas of the Country, can be reduced. .

Labos offers, to the political world, to the institutions, to the operators, to the students, and to the public opinion, an articulate fan of proposals and enterprises concerning: the information, the research, the formation and the assistance on innovation.


The relational emergency that exists in the structure of the social needs, involves a transformation of the roll of the institutions, a redefinition of the operators professional profiles, a different conception of the civil society, as the greatest protagonist of the processes of social exclusion.

The research of a better quality of life, based on authentic human relations and on meaningful existential processes, takes the person and its relationship with the community, at the centre of our scenery.

A community that recovers its ties of closeness and affectivity among persons, and that rebuilds the socio-cultural tissues, in which the people and the families can recover the sense of their existence, the common values of reference, the propensity and agility of the processes of solidarity and responsibility.
Labos Foundation has individualized, since its origins and with its researches, its formation and assistance activities to the institutions, the “welfare community” as a new model of “welfare”, in which the different social actors can concretely and efficaciously move themselves.

It’s a work of “net”, that puts the people and the community at the centre. It’s also the work of the “maternage” institutions that aid the civil society to recover its communitarian nature, a “trans-material” approach of the social needs, the contribution of different subjects of the civil society, as “welfare” builders: these are some of the main strategic knots that Labos Foundation has pursued in twenty years of work in the field of social politics.


A country grows in civilization, when the economic progress goes together with the social one. Therefore the development of the social politics, represents one of the priority purposes for the countries that aim to a continuous elevation of the citizens’ life quality.

More than a conquest, achieved once and forever, it’s an aim that has to be constantly re- expounded, for the ripening of the needs and behaviours of the population and also for the economic conditions and for the state of the public finances of each country.

This dynamic aspect of the social intervention’s monitoring, can be guaranteed only by the presence of effective institutional apparatus, that have a constant interaction with the users and with the civil society, with a strong capability of programming and a high quality of the operators. .
All these characteristics require a wide and deep basis of knowledge and skilled activities of research, experimentation, accumulation, and cultural support, of attention to these sort of experiences that are developping in the national and international ambit.

Client & partners

Labos carries out projects of medium and long time of research, formation, assistance to innovation. These projects are ordered by:

  • European Union;
  • Home Office;
  • Ministry of Health;
  • Minstry of Grace and Justice;
  • National Council for Labour and Economy;
  • Government Ministry – Department for the Family and Social Solidarity;
  • Superior Institute of Health;
  • National Council for Research;
  • National Council for Labour and Economy;
  • Formez;
  • ISFOL;
  • Telecom Italia;
  • RAI;
  • Regional and local Administration;
  • Universities

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