Che questa emergenza sia occasione per fare meglio di prima.
Buon Primo Maggio!
That this emergency is an opportunity to do better than before.
Today is the workers' day in Italy 🌻
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Oggi è la #giornatamondialedellibro 📚
Qual è il libro che avete letto in quarantena?
Happy world books day 2020📚
what is the book you read in quarantine?
#bookday 📚
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Per questa #Pasqua uniamo ai nostri auguri l'invito a restare al sicuro, perché solo così andrà tutto bene.

Auguri 🕊

For this #Easter we join our wishes for the invitation to stay home. Everything will be fine.

Happy Easter 🕊
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The Emsco team is traveling to Malatya @do_kamp for the third meeting. Will be discussed the results obtained in the different countries and will be designer the other outputs of the project. see you soon, partners @FondazioneLabos @RedDeporteONG and I.R.S.I.E.

Improving mentoring skill of sport coaches means promoting sport as an educational tool that would be able to enhance young people’s skills to related to diversity, to include and respect everyone, ti develop sane competition. Thanks to all the partners for the productive meeting
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EMSCo Project @EmscoProject
The second meeting of the EMSCo-project took place in Poznan, Poland. These days were a great opportunity to continue working on the objectives of the project, paying particular attention to the development of mentoring skills. Thank you all for the excellent work done.

Ieri la Fondazione Labos ha preso parte all’ #infoday “Call for Strategic projects ENI CBC Mediterraneo” presso il Ministero degli Affari Esteri e della Cooperazione Internazionale. FondazioneLabos photo